Spallanzani Vini:
quality and tradition since 1888.

Spallanzani Vini operates in the wine making industry and offers a wide range of products from countless varieties of wines, first among all The Rossissimo, to different processed musts such as desulphurized, concentrated, concentrated rectified and The Rossissimo concentrated must.

Our skills and expertise together with a continuous research for the best raw materials and suppliers stand behind the excellent quality of our products, and granted Spallanzani Vini several independent certifications.

In addition to conventional products our company process organic wines and musts, characterized by the absence of pesticides and a trackable supply chain, from raw material to finished product.

Discover our unique products such as red concentrated must “rossissimo” and “rossissimo” wine (deep-red wine).

Beside the wide offering in finished products, Spallanzani Vini also performs stand-alone services such as desulphurization, rectification, Charmat fermentation and wine carbonation.

Our certifications

All our products are also organic.

The range of our ORGANIC products is certified and carefully controlled by accurately checking the absence of pesticides.

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